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The Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Automatic Labeling Machines

No doubt, automatic labeling machines are usually faster than semi-automatic label applicators. When shopping for a suitable label applicator, speed should not be the only factor to consider as there are several other things you should look into. Always have the label types in mind when looking for a suitable labeling machine for your business. Also, you should establish the speed of the production process. To make an informed decision between a semi-automatic and automatic labeling machine, you should understand the differences. Keep reading to learn some of the differences between a semi-automatic and automatic labeling machine.

The first thing that you need to know that both types have an automated labeling application. The biggest difference that you will note between the two is how they are loaded and activated. For a semi-automatic labeling machine to apply the labels, the containers must be lined up. Since loading is done manually, it is an ideal option for small batches. However, an automatic label applicator has a system that automatically lines the containers. Advanced versions of automatic labeling machines are capable of repositioning the container for repeated application of labels. For that reason, you should be keen on loading and activation process when choosing a labeling system for your production line.

It is always important to make financial considerations before investing in a production machine. Look beyond the price when choosing a labeling machine since the operating cost is also important. There is a huge price difference between an automatic and semi-automatic labeling system. In as much as a semi-automatic labeling applicator is less costly, you will have to budget for an additional labor cost since a worker needs to be on the hand to operate the machine. Automatic label applicators are known to be costly, but there will be no labor costs as it can work without human intervention. Ensure that you examine your finances to identify the labeling machine that you can afford, and the operating costs are within your budget.

Additionally, semi-automatic and automatic labeling machines are not the same regarding package flexibility. A semi-automatic label applicator is meant for particular types of containers. If the machine is highly specialized, you will need less time to set it up however it will affect the flexibility of your production line. You will have a myriad of options regarding the products that you can label using an automatic label applicator. Nonetheless, you will need more time to configure it for the different types of containers and labels.

The other distinctive aspect of label applicator is the speed. The decision regarding the speed of a label applicator should be made based on the speed of the production process. Therefore, when undecided between a semi-automatic and automatic label applicator, you should look into the above-discussed differences.

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